Sep 26/95: Gustafsen Lake-Wolverine speaks


P.O. Box 991, Kahnawake
Mohawk Territory (Quebec, Canada)

MNNS, Kahnawake M.T. Thurs. Sep 26/95 5:00 PM EDT

"Wolverine", one of the Shuswap Sundance Defenders who was inside the camp at Gustafsen Lake British Columbia Canada surrounded by the combined paramilitary forces of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Army for a month said, "I'm alright. Right now I have a bail hearing tomorrow and they're trying to have my $10,000 bail revoked. I'm goin' into court tomorrow at 1:00 and I want Bruce Clark to act for me. I've rejected the government financed lawyers from the Shuswap Liaison Committee because of conflict of interest. I don't want to deal with those collaborators in the government's system. The issue of jurisdiction over our unceded territory can only be settled by a Privy Council designated third party tribunal. The Liaison Committee do not speak for us. They were taking their orders directly from the RCMP and Canadian government to side track the whole issue. These people cannot solicit funds for our defence nor speak for us and we told them so."

"We are trying right now to set up a group of traditional Aboriginal people to help us. I told the liaison committee to get some of us out on bail because our lawyer, Bruce Clark, had been put in the mental institution by the Attorney General of B.C. But for myself, since Bruce Clark is out, I'm switching back to him."

"About 7 or 8 of us Defenders will be going in that direction. We will continue the struggle for justice. I'm trying to avoid the government taking over the agenda. So we would like this information put on the Internet that all funding for our struggle and defense not go to the Shuswap Liaison Committee. They are still operating. People could donate money to CASNP (Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with the Native People and get a tax receipt).

"We are not allowed to contact one another. And here I am in the same house with my wife who was in the camp too. How are we supposed to communicate - through hand signals? I have to stay here on the Shuswap territory, not have any firearms and explosives."

Lawyer for the Shuswap Sundance Defenders, Bruce Clark, said, "I was treated very badly by the RCMP. It was a very dehumanizing experience. The mental institution was maximum security, but rational in comparison to the police treatment. I am now certified as 'not being a nut' or have been 'un-nutted'. This brings us back to my clients' issue which is the illegality of court's assumption of jurisdiction over the Shuswap Sundance Defenders and correspondingly over the Defenders' allegation that this assumption of jurisdiction over them constitutes misprision of treason, fraud and complicity in genocide. This basic position will be reiterated on behalf of Wolverine in his court appearance, arguing that the attempt to put him back in jail aids and abets the said treason, fraud and genocide."

"I just finished typing for Wolverine's signature and other clients' signatures their instructions to me. It sets out their strategy and tells me what my job is. When I have that signed it will be available for all supporters to see and will help them figure out how they can help the Defenders."

"I am leaving for 100 Mile House to appear in court on October 3rd and I am appearing at Williams Lake on the contempt court charges against me. At that time I will be attempting to persuade the Chief Justice of British Columbia to stay all of these criminal proceedings against my clients until the appropriate investigation of the jurisdiction issue is addressed."

"We will be going to the national courts of Europe to make an injunction against those countries that are making products from resources on purchasing resources that have been stolen from unsurrendered Indian land."

"Those courts will take the initiative. They have no jurisdiction over Canada. We are not making an injunction against Canada, but it would be stopping, for example, French people from trading in goods that are put on the world market as a result of genocide against the native people. Eventually we will want in Europe to do media relations to get that point across to Europeans. The same documents will be filed in every national court in Europe so that they're uniform and focussed." Our European supporters can arrange contacts and finances for traditional people who need of this support.


QUEENS PARK TORONTO. The month long native and non-native vigil at Queens Park by CASNP members and supporters for the Shuswap Defender under armed siege at Gustafsen Lake and the Ontario Provincial Police attack of unarmed Kettle and Stony Point Nations at Ipperwash Base and Park - was dismantled by Queens Park Security Police on Sunday September 24th. They threw their food in the garbage and confiscated all their tents and sleeping bags. They were cleaning up Queens Park for the opening of the Ontario Government Legislature and the Throne Speech on Wednesday, September 27th. The protesters were an embarrassment to the government. So a march was organized from CASNP offices to Queens Park. About 7,000 people arrived at the park from numerous organizations in Ontario to protest the treatment of Aboriginal people, the cuts to health, education and welfare by the Harris Government. It was a sea of people, tents, signs and flags. Hundreds of well equipped police were also there. Then the protesters stormed the door of the Ontario legislature and the police clubbed them seriously injuring many. Harris in effect said, "It's not serious. It's only a few disaffected people. And they didn't vote for me anyway."

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