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re: Ecocide as Genocide

part two

18. ANNEXED HERETO AND MARKED EXHIBIT "A" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION IS THE ORDER MADE IN THE COURT OF SA-AL-TKW'T DATED MAY 26, 1992. We believe that the principle of law embodied in this decision is valid throughout that part of the Pacific North West which is situate beyond the treaty frontier, including all of the territories in relation to which the several disputes identified herein are current.

19. NOW PRODUCED AND SHOWN TO US AND MARKED EXHIBIT "B" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION IS A NARRATIVE ACCOUNT OF THE HISTORY OF THE CARMANAH AND ITS HEREDITARY GUARDIANS. Throughout the territory beyond the treaty frontier, the purpose of the ultra vires Indian Act since inception has been illegally to foster "band" governments in order to deal with their co-opted and collaborating puppet leadership instead of having to deal with the true hereditary guardians of the land. Peter Knighton's experience portrayed in Exhibit "B" is a story oft-told, with different casts and details. It portrays the illegal neutralization of traditional government by the occupying forces and their several Vichy regimes.

20. NOW PRODUCED AND SHOWN TO US AND MARKED EXHIBIT "C" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION IS A DECLARATION DATED MAY 11, 1992, EXECUTED BY TERRI JOHN, PETER KNIGHTON AND TOMMIE GREGOIRE ENTITLED "USURPATION AS GENOCIDE." It represents the view common to we who believe that as a matter of existing law the non-natives not only are usurping native jurisdiction beyond the treaty frontier but that this usurpation is the means today for perfecting and completing the genocidal onslaught against native culture and peoples which commenced with the European invasion of the Americas in 1492. The parallel concept of "ecocide as genocide," addressed in the present declaration, would not be possible without the complicity of the white legal establishment identified by the enabling concept "usurpation as genocide."

21. [...] NOW PRODUCED AND SHOWN TO US AND MARKED EXHIBIT "D" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION IS THE CHILD CARE LAW IDENTIFIED AT FOOTAGE #3505 OF VIDEO TAPE #5 OF EXHIBIT "I" TO THE DECLARATION OF MAY 11, 1992, IDENTIFIED AS EXHIBIT "C" IN THE PRECEDING PARAGRAPH. This child care law has been ratified by the Lil'Wat people in a general meeting called for that purpose. For present purposes, it serves to confirm that the traditional values and laws of Lil'Wat are still exercised wherever possible notwithstanding the oppression by the non-native legal and political establishment. Such laws, primarily unwritten, and subject to national variations in different regions, exist throughout the territory situate beyond the treaty frontier, waiting to play their role in the resurgence of a healthy native society once the oppression of the white courts' illegal tyranny is terminated.

22. [...] NOW PRODUCED AND SHOWN TO US AND MARKED EXHIBIT "E" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION IS THE COMPILATION OF CORRESPONDENCE IDENTIFIED AT FOOTAGE #3975 OF VIDEO TAPE #5 OF EXHIBIT "I" TO THE DECLARATION OF MAY 11, 1992, IDENTIFIED AS EXHIBIT "C" IN THE TWO PRECEDING PARAGRAPHS. It shows the reason the federal and provincial governments and their paid collaborators the Assembly of First Nations and the First Nations Congress are acting in an ultra vires fashion. What comes across over the four years represented is the highhandedness, arrogance and intransigence of the white political establishment and its native collaborators, and their confidence that the non-native legal system renders their fraud, treason and genocide unstoppable for all practical purposes. This pattern is common throughout the entire country. Everywhere, the most opportunistic, venal, duplicitous, hypocritical, mean spirited, bullying, callous, complacent, racist or willfully-blind people in both societies act in concert to break existing law with impunity, due to their apparent monopoly over the white legal system and that system's interest in stonewalling the addressing of the law the recognition of which necessarily exposes the white legal systems' sine qua non role as the evil engine driving the fraudulent, treasonable and genocidal usurpation of our native jurisdiction. Racist judges Begbie, MacEachern and Esson, like racist Governors' Seymour and Trutch, have enough to answer for that their like-minded successors and colleagues are intent upon preempting the addressing of the question.

23. [...] NOW PRODUCED AND SHOWN TO US AND MARKED EXHIBIT "F" TO THIS OUR DECLARATION ARE THE RESOLUTIONS IDENTIFIED AT FOOTAGE #4403 OF VIDEO TAPE #5 OF EXHIBIT "I" TO THE DECLARATION OF MAY 11, 1992, IDENTIFIED AS EXHIBIT "C" IN THE THREE PRECEDING PARAGRAPHS. They testify to the native peoples' common desire to end the cycle of enforced welfare dependency through the only way that will ever work for the good of both races of people - the reestablishment of our native independence as sovereign nations as guaranteed under existing law - beyond the treaty frontier.

24. The immediate purpose of this declaration is to have existing law straightforwardly addressed, respected and implemented. This entails persuading the very legal establishment that is the brains behind the crime to indict and convict itself. This may take time. In the meantime, the genocide and complicity in genocide of our native culture and hence our native people will continue. For this reason, our second objective herein is to persuade the fist that beats the people down in the field to pull some punches. We have to believe that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has some officers who would prefer to be the strong arm of the forces of good rather than of evil, of law rather than of anti-law. We ask them independently to assess this our declaration and the existing law upon which it is based. We ask that having done so they seek to persuade their own colleagues not to blow upon the smoldering holocaust, for without their life giving breath the fire of genocide would go out. The key to humanity's great promise, Never Again, is the realization "Just Following Orders" is no defence.

25. Throughout this declaration we have of necessity used English language words where native words would have been more appropriate, and accurate. For example, the term "Indian" is a non-native term which has no precise equivalent. English personal names rather than native personal names have been employed because English is employed in the charges and documents drafted by the persecutors which it is our purpose to oppose. The general point is that care must be taken against attributing to us intentions to adopt foreign concepts or to attorn to foreign jurisdictions based upon employment of loaded terms.

AND WE MAKE THIS SOLEMN DECLARATION conscientiously, asking the Great Spirit to bear witness and to hold us accountable for the truth of its contents, and instructing that it be entered in courts of law, native and non-native, to be accorded the same force and effect as if made by virtue of legislation regulating oaths and declarations.

SEVERALLY DECLARED for foreign and non-native court purposes before me in the Indian Territory beyond the treaty frontier this 29th day of May, 1992.


Terri John
Henry Sauls
Marion Lee
Sandie Daniels
Peter Knighton
Loretta Thomas
Ray Pierre

Bruce Clark, LL.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Law)
Commissioner and Counsel

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