Voices of Resistance


native sovereigntists writing and
speaking from the front-lines
of North Amerikkka


* Confederated Native Court Judgement ° Summary and Reasons ° Letter to Law Society ° Petition * A Plea for the Unity of the Sovereign Native Nations beyond the Treaty Frontier of Turtle Island * Ecocide as Genocide ° Part 1 ° Part 2 ° Appendix A: Order made in Court of SA-AL-TKW'T, May 26 1992 ° Appendix B: History of Carmanah and her Hereditary Guardians: ° part 1 ° part 2 ° Appendix C: Usurpation as Genocide * Petitions to the Queen ° Eastern, Central, and Western Traditions within "Canada" * Resolution of Consejo de Ancianos - Resolution following the Ninth General Assembly of the Indigenous Peoples and Ethnic Communities, Feb/98, attended by over a thousand indigenous people from over 300 communities


* Oh-Toh-Kin, Volume 1 Number 1, Winter/Spring 1992 ° Introduction and Index ° 500 Years of Resistance ° Voices of Oka ° As Long as the Rivers Flow... ° Occupation of Anicinabe Park, 1974 ° The American Indian Movement * All That's Left is Struggle ° Introduction and Index ° Bernard Ominayak - Lubicon Lake Cree ° Harriet Nahanee - Elder, Pacheedaht Nation ° Peter Knighton - Qwa-Ba-Diwa Nation ° Lavina White - Elder, Haida Gwaii ° Daniel Ashini - Innu Nation ° Dacajewiah - League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations ° Russell Kwasistala - Laichkwiltach Nation ° The Raven and the Seagull ° Protectors of Mother Earth: Canada's longest blockade ° Bill Namagoose - James Bay Cree ° John Williams - Lil'wat Nation ° Milton Born-With-A-Tooth - Peigan Nation * Strong Hearts: 'Zine of Rod Coronado, Indigenous Prisoner of War At the request of Rod and his support group, we have removed Strong Hearts articles from this site. The Direct Action Defense Fund, which funds the production of Strong Hearts and many other projects relating to political prisoners, is in desperate need of money to produce Strong Hearts (each issue costs over $1000 to produce). Rod and his supporters are hoping that by not making the magazine available via the internet, you will be motivated to subscribe to the magazine, helping them sustain it and their other projects. Please help support Rod by subscribing to Strong Hearts, available from: Rod Coronado Support Committee 3245 E. Patricia Tucson, AZ USA 85716 Or write Rod directly: Rod Coronado 03895000 FCI Unit SW 8901 S. Wilmot Rd Tucson, AZ USA 85716 With the permission of Rod and his support group, we are continuing to post the introduction and index to each issue, so you can see what each issue contains. Issue #1 Issue #2 Issue #3


* Message from Aotearoa Liberation Movement * Mohawk Nation News: Indigenous persons who betray their people * Statement from Leonard Peltier to San Francisco rally - includes report on rally, held Nov 16/97 * The Voice of Kevin Gilbert - excerpted from Hidden Voices * Statements by James (Eyabay) Pitawanakwat, aka OJ ° to jurors at close of Ts'peten trial ° For rally in support of Ts'peten Defenders * Perspectives on Quebec separatism * Statement by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami * Open letter from U'wa people, to the government and people of Colombia - an excellent outline of the basic principles of sovereignty * Russell Means: I am an American Indian, not a Native American! * Milton Born With A Tooth: A Statement Regarding Current Allegations of Militant Uprisings * Aazhoodenaang Enjibaajig: Declaration * Ward Churchill: The Covert War Against Native Americans


* From American Indian Movement (AIM) Website On the AIM web site, http://www.dickshovel.com/AIMintro.html: ° Interview with Bobby Castillo: from Diatribe, 1992 -- The Legacy of Columbus, the History of AIM, and Leonard Peltier ° Interview with Russell Means: "The Existential Indian" ° Interview with Dino Butler: 1995 -- from "News from Indian Country" 5-part series: Relinquishing a Legacy of Hatred, Embracing Respect For All Life ° Interview with Vernon Bellecourt: 1995
* Interviews from other sources ° Bulldozer Interview with Dacajewiah: Staying active after incarceration ° Interview with two Atikamekw activists, stopping industrial destruction of forests near Manawan ° Interview with Wolverine, Ts'peten Defender - Mar 21/97 ° Interview with Robert Bropho, Nyungar elder - May/97


* Ts'peten Defenders' event at La Quena Coffeehouse, summer 1996 ° Percy Rosette, Shuswap Faithkeeper ° Mary Pena, Ts'peten Defender ° Dacajewiah, Ts'peten spokesperson * Russell Means, July 1980 - "For America to Live, Europe Must Die" * Gerry Gambill, August 1985 - "On the Art of Stealing Human Rights" * John Trudell, April 1997 - at Judi Bari's Memorial

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