Rod Coronado - Strong Hearts #2


Issue #2

'Zine by Rod Coronado, Indigenous Prisoner of War

Copies of Strong Hearts, and additional information on Rod Coronado, are available from:
Rod Coronado Support Committee
3245 E. Patricia
Tucson, AZ
USA 85716
Also check out the Animal Liberation Frontline Information Service page on Rod, at

Welcome back! This is only the second issue of Strong Hearts, so any new readers need not fear, you've only missed one issue! You'll notice that the number of pages has shrunken. This was done in a vain attempt to lower postage costs since the last issue's mailing put me back a few bucks. As a prisoner of war, I can't solicit money for anything for fear of being disciplined for running a business from prison, so just do what's in your heart to help.

To all the friends and supporters who have written me but have yet to receive a reply, I apologize. It's not reflection of my appreciation for your support, it's just a reflection of my necessity to get out of my cell more often. You should see the callous on my writing finger! I try to write back to everyone, but this 'zine and other projects mean it may be awhile before you hear from me.

A muy especiale muchos gracias goes out to Cat, who is the best support organizer a prisoner could ask for, also to Mel who has given me the support that only another prisoner can give.

Also, each issue I will be focusing on one 'zine to review. So if you want me to review your 'zine, send it in! There's so many that I want to thank for the support and encouragement I've received this last year, and only so much space.

Peg for the warrior strength you sent me while I was on bail and now in the place you were in not long ago, to Salmon Grrrl for showing me the way to Narnia, to Bear who has been there for me whenever I needed a friend, to the Freeman and Goodwin for keeping my flames of hope burning, to the Maniacs, for demonstrating what real solidarity and friendship is, to the surviving members of the Michigan Mink Militia, you know who you are and Godspeed to you, to the Parted Hairs, I miss you guys and I love you a lot.

Fadi, who I've rarely had the chance to thank, to my warrior relations in the Sea Shepherd Society who keep the whaler's nightmare alive, the Good Elk family who let me in from the cold, E. Frees Mink, for just being you, the Mass 4, no matter what happens, we've already won.

Troods, my indigenous teacher from across the pond, to Mindy, Ingrid, Lisa, Heather, Bruce and all my other friends at PETA who keep me up on what's going down, Jude, Andrea, Chickadee and Katie and everyone else who's letters make me laugh and remember what time it is nd most of all to my Mom and Dad who I have put through so much stress and trauma, and yet whose love and support has never wavered. To all of you thanks for being there when others weren't. Enjoy this issue of Strong Hearts and always remember, Our Day Will Come!!!


* Lynx liberation
* Mink liberators
* Tupac Amaru
* My Native American Diet
* Reykjavik raid
* Wild horses
* Hag Rag review
* On being a survivor

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