"Hidden Voices": Voice of Kevin Gilbert



- distributed by Jim Duffield

It is my thesis that Aboriginal Australia underwent a rape of the soul so profound that the blight continues in the minds of most blacks today. It is this psychological blight more than anything else, that causes the conditions that we see on reserves and missions. And it is repeated down the generations...

For two hundred years we have been subjected to death, abuse and denial of dignity and basic human rights by the white usurpers of our land. Today, we are the products of the ravages of white settlement. History has moulded us, psychologically and physically. Our milestones are not splendid constitutions or Eureka Stockades but massacres at Namoi River, Myall Creek, Slaughterhouse Gully and more recently, at Skull Creek. They are records of defeat, victimisation and persecution and they live in the memories of Aborigines even today...

White society in this country hasn't changed all that much since the colonists first landed and began flogging the convicts. Remember your history books when an incident like that occurred and the Aboriginals who came up recoiled in horror, screaming frantically an throwing sticks at the soldiers and the flogger? Remember do you? It hasn't changed much. And no, you haven't grown in stature to match this country yet. You are still the alien, the outsider and only when you embrace the whole of this country, every sacred living thing upon it and in it and around it, will you grow and survive, because only those who love the land and love justice will ultimately hold the land.

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