Milton Born With A Tooth statement


Regarding Current Allegations of Militant Uprisings

September 7, 1995

In 1990 as leader of the Lonefighter Society I was at the forefront of being accused of militancy, lawlessness and being disrespectful of so called Canada. On September the 9th of 1994, I was sentenced to 16 months after a long five years of being persecuted, ridiculed, stereotyped and made a scapegoat for this government's hidden agenda in what was supposed to be a safe place for truth and justice -- the court room. When Justice Willis O'Leary was making his closing remarks on my sentence, he referred to me as an environmental activist. He also noted and understood that I could never be remorseful for defending my connecting and love for this land.

The same hidden agenda of 1990 that created the Oka crisis, the Oldman River Dam issue and the Mount Currie issue is now unfolding with the possibility of putting us in another five years of unnecessary turmoil. The Canadian government should expose its hidden agenda on self-government. It is an agenda that is counter-productive for establishing once and for all what the people of this country need to know about the role native people play.

Self-government is pushing First Nations peoples into the main-stream of Canadian society, where our people are prevented from using our cultural weapons. These include jurisdiction, intact environments, traditional due processes, and most of all, the need to be an equal, but separate entity.

What the Ontario government has done [it has done] with the consent of the federal government and the consent of Ovide Mercredi, Grand Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. They have made their position very clear that they will deliberately provoke confrontation and then commit acts of Nazi style butchering while the Canadian public applauds the butchering of First Nations people.

I ask that all warrior minded people condemn this act of butchery and demand that the federal government sober up and realize that the provinces are too drunk to drive self-government.

I ask all First Nations people to immediately cease negotiations, in whatever form, on self-government, and ask the question are we First Nations people or are we going to be the last nation of people to be free. The Canadian public and their racist upbringing have got to quit standing by and applauding the ongoing genocidal acts committed on First Nations people. The Canadian public has got to realize that we are not criminals; that we are in an awesome race of people who love this earth and who will die with this belief in our hearts.

As leader of the Lonefighter Society, my heart and my sadness go to the casualties of this unjust war. I ask the people of Stoney Point that they take this act of aggression as fuel to motivate their determination and continuing battle to preserve a future that has real freedom which is not bought and paid for.

As leader of the Lonefighter Society, I don't ask that we become like the enemy who will butcher for self-interests, but I do ask that we stand up and become the true protectors that we've always been. Being true protectors means that when our loved ones are in danger, we will do whatever it takes as protectors not criminals, by whatever means possible, to confront the enemy.

In conclusion, Gustafsen Lake and Ipperwash issues are being used as pawns by the governments to create legal genocide. Apartheid died in South Africa, but everyone has to remember that Apartheid was born in Canada.

In God's name you came,
In the Great Spirit's name we stay.

Milton Born With A Tooth,
Blackfoot Confederacy
Treaty Number 795.

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