Mar 19/98: Indigenous persons who betray their people


Mohawk Nation News (MNN)
Thursday, March 19, 1998

MNN. Mohawk Nation News. 19-Mar-98. They've always been there, but today there are more of them and they are unafraid because they are protected by the oppressors as long as they are useful to them and do their bidding. But why are they more committed than ever before to work against their people and harm them, no matter how much their own people beg them to stop? During the past 15 years or so, there has been a greater emergence and escalation of the problem of Indigenous individuals who betray their own people on behalf of the enemy. The reasons these individuals carry out such treachery looks like a desire for material wealth or power. But is that the only reason why they abandon their principles and cross over to the join the army of the opponents? They appear to no longer see that they have permanently enslaved themselves to tyrants and have abandoned the only people they once could trust, the only people who loved them in healthy ways. Despite the faces these disloyal persons put on, they too are victims of racism the same as the rest of the Indigenous people. The problem facing Indigenous people is how to deal with them because they are harmful. How can they be identified and how can the information be shared to stop them from harming or dividing their people? Perhaps there should be a meeting of many people from many cultures and races to discuss this phenomena and to develop a strategy which can be widely publicized. What did the ancestors do to their spies and traitors? In some Indigenous cultures, those who knowingly worked against their people and ended up harming them were considered as having alienated themselves and had to forfeit all birthrights and claims on their nation and territory. One writer stated that the charge against these persons is treason and the penalty is death. There needs to be a full and open discussion of this.

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